December 15, 2017


Yes you can! You are probably aware that today we almost all live unhealthy and very often all of us as a reason to say that […]
November 22, 2017


In addition, great will help you to maintain friendly relationships, decorate your home as a healthy place to live and avoid harmful habits, such as smoking. […]
July 15, 2017

How long will each of us feel young and well in her skin depends on several factors

It is important to start thinking about the future in time, and also to achieve a healthy age. There are several ways to enable it, including […]

Quote of the week

Getting out of the house, entering the car, getting to work, re-entering the car, entering the house … This is roughly everyday work of active people and does not have to be just a car, and public transport is also problematic. Simply try to go foot to work, college, or school, and at least start to get started physically. Bypass the elevator, climbing up the stairs on an everyday basis will also be of great impact on fitness improvement, and you will notice it in the foreseeable future. If you are the type of person who is inclined to make a hectic change, then go to the gym as soon as possible and pay a one-day membership fee to feel pressure and train more often.

Studies have shown that people who are sitting longer than four hours out of working hours have as much as 50 percent more chance of dying than any other cause than people who are sitting less than two hours a day. Therefore, it is recommended for a longer life to stand at least every hour and walk out and stretch your legs for one minute.

You’ve heard a lot of things about eggs. One advocates while others argue they should be avoided because they raise bad cholesterol. What is the fact that they are healthy, but if they eat moderately. Only one egg per day provides 13 percent daily protein requirements and 4 percent of the total calories we need in the day, and are very saturated. Eggs contain a lot of antioxidants and luteins that are important to our eyes and skin health and well absorb dangerous sunlight UV rays. Healthy homemade eggs can prevent breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Good source of chin that reduces brain inflammation and the risk of breast cancer decreases by 25 percent. So the saying “every morning one egg …” was not born without any connection.
Essential mineral chromium is needed in the body because it maintains a balanced blood sugar level by boosting cell sensitivity to insulin. It protects you from diabetes. 200 milligrams a day is enough to keep your body in balance.